HI Capacity Arduino Night IV: Temperature Sensing

Here’s the files for a presentation that I put together for HI Capacity’s fourth Arduino night on October 11th, 2011!  To recap the night’s activities, we went through five popular types of temperature sensors that you can use with an Arduino.  Each of the sensors has pros and cons.  The major differences were in software processing, hardware signal conditioning, and temperature ranges you can measure.

For the hands-on portion, we went through some Arduino code to read simple analog output Microchip MCP9701A and Microchip TC1047A sensors.  But, no data acquisition system is complete without a real time GUI!  So I’ve also included ‘Processing’ code that you can use with the Arduino code.  With Processing and the example code, you can do real time graphing and logging files for later visualization and reporting.

Please let me know what you think, and happy hacking!

Files: [HI Capacity Arduino Night IV Presentation]  [Arduino Night IV Source Code]

P.S. If you haven’t seen HI Capacity yet, check them out!  They’re raising support for the first makerspace in Hawaii.  If you’re interested in supporting this effort, join up!  We’ll have a nifty makerspace in no time.

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